Job Description

Organization Overview:

We exist to empower cities to take control of their skies, and accelerate the adoption of unmanned aircraft around the world.

AirMatrix builds traffic management capabilities on precise spatial networks that enable safe drone operations at-scale. As the drone industry expands and many drone operator companies seek to run delivery and inspection operations, cities need a way of enforcing regulation and managing their skies. We empower industry and government to work together, laying the foundation of the inevitable future of urban aerial mobility.

We are looking for a DevOps software engineer who questions the status quo and approaches challenges with eagerness and vigor. Our ideal candidate is results-driven, egoless, and knows what it means to be a team player. Having a breadth of experience helps, and a natural curiosity about technology, as our stack includes a wide array of technologies. A big part of the job will be learning new tools while managing deadlines, which is not easy.

You should apply to this role if you:

  • Are constantly raising the bar for yourself and your teammates
  • Are excited by building one of the first traffic management systems for drones
  • Like putting yourself in difficult situations for whatever reason
  • Aren’t afraid of stepping outside your job description if it helps the team succeed

You should not apply to this role if you:

  • Want clearly-defined tasks
  • Are uncomfortable with ambiguity

You will be coming in the early stages of our team’s growth, and will play a vital role in our success. Our ideal candidate is able to iterate quickly as our product adapts to the nascent drone industry, has a natural curiosity about how things work, excellent leadership and communication skills, and is motivated to build robust and scalable systems that will change the way we live in cities.

If you join us, you’ll be an early team member in helping shape:

  1. Our company culture
  2. Our backend infrastructure
  3. Our competitive edge with data

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Help the team build, test, deploy and monitor applications with speed, quality and control.
  • Manage infrastructure, including persistence, message queues, workflow orchestration, observability tools and kubernetes through the AWS and GCP platforms.
  • Keep the DevOps environment secure through strategies, policies, processes, and technology.

Skills & Experience:

  • [Strongly Preferred] Intimately familiar with kubernetes and docker.
  • [Strongly Preferred] 5+ years experience deploying distributed cloud-native SaaS applications, in AWS or GCP
  • [Strongly Preferred] Experience developing RESTful APIs.
  • [Strongly Preferred] Understanding of fundamental networking concepts, such as DNS, TCP/IP, routing, switching, firewalls, the OSI model, load balancing, etc…
  • [Strongly Preferred] Systems Administration skill set.
  • [Strongly Preferred] Experience with GitHub and configuring CI/CD pipelines.
  • [Preferred] Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Systems or equivalent experience.
  • [Preferred] Experience programming in Go, Python and Typescript.
  • [Preferred] Able to engage a cross-functional audience to effectively communicate the importance and value of good DevOps practices.
  • [Preferred] Experience with AWS technologies including ELB, auto-scaling groups, Route 53, EC2, RDS, Storage, Billing, Security and Cloud Watch.
  • [Preferred] Experience with Linux/Unix Shell Scripting, React, Nodejs, Python or other programming languages.
  • [Preferred] Experience with data heavy applications, and using message streaming tools like Apache Kafka.
  • [Preferred] Demonstrated experience of assisting teams with root cause analysis & resolving technical issues.
  • [Preferred] Familiarity with the Agile/Scrum project management methodology.
  • [Bonus] Knowledge of Helm for package management.
  • [Bonus] Experience implementing various technology platform architectures (cloud, on-prem, hybrid).
  • [Bonus] Experience working with large amounts of IoT and geospatial data.
  • [Bonus] Experience implementing cybersecurity controls for NIST compliance.
  • [Bonus] Knowledge of observability tools, such as Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, etc…
  • [Bonus] Experience managing microservice deployments using polyglot persistence, we use PostgreSQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, AWS S3 and Dgraph.

Here are example challenges we wish for you to work on:

  • Integrate monitoring and observability tools such as Datadog or equivalent.
  • Explore methods to ingest large amounts of UAV real-time telemetry and stream to user dashboards for traffic management.
  • Improve and automate our data pipelines using AirFlow.
  • Implement international standards on cybersecurity to build trust with our customers and be able to support critical infrastructure.